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Dentistry & Oral Surgery

We offer a comprehensive dentistry practice, which includes; oral surgery and extractions, dental cleanings, root canal therapy, vital pulpotomies, digital dental x-rays, and a complete line of dental diets and home care products.

Here at Brandywine Valley we have a passion for advanced dental care. This goes above and beyond routine cleanings, and includes digital radiographs, surgical extractions, and endodontic procedures (root canals). Below are a list of commonly performed procedures.


  • Maxillectomies, Individual tooth & Full Mouth Extractions, Mandibulectomies, Various Fractures, Tumors, Neoplasia, Rhinotomy
  • Idiopathic Stomatitis Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy), Vital Pulpotomy, Periodontics, Gingivectomies
  • Cleaning & Digital Dental x-ray & Photography

2015 Dental Newsletter