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Preventing Gastrointestinal Parasites

worm-mdThe Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that all household cats and dogs be tests every 3 months for intestinal parasites.

There is a reason for that! All dogs and cats are born with hookworms and roundworms. They are passed through the placenta and also during nursing. Then these parasites go through a complex life cycle, and 2-3 weeks later end up in the gastro-intestinal tract of your pet. Despite repeated de-wormings and monthly heartworm prevention, it is always possible for any dog or cat to produce these parasites.

Most parasites produce mild symptoms in our pets (diarrhea, blood in stool), however the most important fact about these is they can be spread to people. Children are especially susceptible because they are less likely to wash their hands before placing them in their mouths. It is vital that we keep these parasites in check to keep your family and pets healthy.

Therefore here at Brandywine Valley we stress the importance of screening EVERY pet annual for any parasites. It is a simply test we can perform in a few minutes during your annual exam. Please ALWAYS bring a fecal sample to your routine annual exams.

Remember, please always advise your children to wash their hands before eating if you have recently been handing your pet.