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Regenerative Medicine

LocalAnesthesiaRegenerative Medicine is the newest and most progressive approach to medical and surgical problems. By isolating your pet’s own cells and proteins, we are able to inject them into problematic areas enabling healing and regeneration. Please view the brochure below for more details.


  • Stemlogix®
  • Therapy for chronic pain management and certain degenerative conditions

Etc… C-Laser©, Adequan©, Joint Supplements, Acupuncture & V.O.M. Treatments -In most cases, post surgical aftercare include; A series of six C-Laser © treatments, A series of eight Polyglycanand/or Adequan© injections & Use of joint supplements for life. Some cases respond favorably to Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM) and/or Acupuncture for treatment of chronic pain.

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